The Rules of Dogma


1. It is forbidden to use existing television formats

We only develop programs based on original ideas.

2. Everything that happens is real

The viewing audience is authentic and does not employ background performers and/or actors. During post-production, it is forbidden to use canned effects (laugh tracks, pre-recorded applause, altered images, etc.).

3. Telesales and tele-promotions are not permitted

We will not allow the creation, participation, including indirect, or development of the abovementioned services during our programs.

4. It is forbidden to exploit hardships and suffering

We oppose the exploitation of adversity in television programs: we disapprove of children participating in inappropriate competitions.

5. The rights of authors and writers must be protected

We defend original ideas from widespread misappropriation, very common in the current television scenario in Italy.

6. We say “yes” to musical creativity

When making choices on what music to use for television programs, we foster the use of original works.

7. We say “no” to over-paid stars

We seek “balanced” television that places importance on content. This is why, no cast member will receive more than one third of the overall budget for the program.

8. The cast must be selected through auditions and casting

We want to create a larger and more democratic market. We are against overexposed and overrated artists.

9. We say “no” to excessive prizes

We aim for the restoration of a balanced and informed relationship with money and are opposed to the commercialization of illusions.

10. The use of hidden cameras is forbidden

Subjects will not be shot without their knowledge. The relationship between the camera operator and the subject must be fair and aboveboard.

Dogma Televisivo

Dogma TV has established that for the future it will comply with new conscientious television rules: principles of style, content and “anti-wastefulness”. A new broadcast model structured in ten points. Television where the official aim is to provide an alternative to current television trends.

Dogma TV can create and develop any genre of television program – from variety shows to news broadcasts, from reality shows to cultural programs – but it will always be “authentic” television; “user-friendly” for both the viewing audience and the broadcast company. We do not produce sugarcoated programs, but rather quality television on a low budget. We do not chase high ratings through high expenses, but are determined to win over mass appeal with the lowest expenditure possible.

According to Dogma TV, television is not just a matter of appearance, neither inherent nor in content. In order to offer an alternative to already existing television platforms, Dogma TV adheres to very strict rules.

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